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Iran tests missile

On Saturday, Iran successfully tested a new ballistic missile, called the Khorramshahr, after showing it off in a military parade, despite warnings from President Trump. The missile can travel up to 1,250 miles, which is capable of reaching their neighbor, Israel. The United States and their allies feel threatened by their ability to attach nuclear warheads to those missiles.


President Trump has criticized the test saying it could cause even more instability in the Middle East. Trump also criticized former President Obama for his 2015 nuclear weapon agreement that Iran would reduce their arsenal, which has not happened.


The president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, said it was a goal of the country to strengthen their military as well as their national defense. While Iran accuses the United States of trying to take control and change the Iranian government, Iran also said Americans are not meeting their part of the agreement. Rouhani also stated they will continue to support Syria, Yemen and Palestine, all countries that perceive the United States as an enemy.


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