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Is Bilingualism beneficial for Children?

Is growing up bilingual, for instance, using ASL and English, Spanish and English, or any two languages, bad for your child?


Writer, Robert Greene, as well as other researchers, have come up with fascinating findings related to bilingualism in general, not specifically about ASL and English!  


Learning a language as an adult is tough! Learning a language requires: grammar books, flashcards, pronunciation problems, and the awkward rhythm- which some will never quite become fluent.


Associate professor at the University of Houston, Ferenc Bunta, mentions that “recent evidence suggests that using more language at home, even if it is not English- produces better results, for both their first and second language. Using more languages is better than using less, whatever that language may be.”


So, is learning multiple languages early on beneficial to children?


Researchers have found that found that bilinguals may have an advanced skill, which is the ability to plan and carry out complicated tasks easier than people who just use one language.

Language centers all over the world are crowded, with parents encouraging their kids to learn multiple languages early on. Kids from China, France, and Israel are encouraged from an early age to learn English, plus their first language- such as Chinese.


Research overall suggests that growing up bilingual is not such a bad idea! But, each parent needs to make their own decision on whether they think it’s best for their children.


Are you bilingual?  


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