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Is The 5-Second Rule a Myth?

People around the globe believe in the “5-Second-Rule.” But is this “rule” real, or phony?


Now, science has investigated this rule, and discovered that germs can absolutely stick to food within five seconds. Ew!


A new study was created, co-funded by Clorox and researchers at San Diego State University. There, scientists found that germs can attach themselves to edible items within that amount of time.


For example, if your baby drops a carrot on the ground for 3 seconds- will you still let them eat it?


A recent survey reports that 65% of parents admitted that they use the rule in their own homes.


Other recent studies claim that people will more than likely eat dropped candy or cookies, versus broccoli or grapes.


So, next time, if your food falls on the ground- should you toss it, or eat it?!


AHH i'll just get a new one!


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