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Israel Controls Jerusalem

In 1995, the US Congress passed an act that would move the US embassy from Tel Aviv in Israel to Jerusalem. Since then, US Presidents kept delaying the relocation. They were concerned that it could trigger a war between Israelis and Palestinians.

Today, President Trump ordered the State Department to start the process of relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Also, Trump announced that the whole city of Jerusalem will be recognized as Israel’s capital. The Israelis are happy about the decision, but Muslims around the world are angered and concerned by this.

A little background: In 1967, Israel was at war with Islam-ruled territories Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Israel won the war and took the city of Jerusalem from Jordan. From that day on, Israel has considered the whole city as their capital unlike the rest of the world. The Palestinians currently control the east side of Jerusalem and want their own state. The Palestinians want to keep the east side of Jerusalem so it can be their own capital city. They do not want to live under an Israeli government. Both sides have struggled to coexist in that region.

Islamic leaders such as the Kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia as well as Presidents of Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iran all say that this decision would threaten peace between Israel and Palestine. Even the Presidents of China and Russia along with Pope Francis were concerned by the decision. They say there will possibly be violent protests in Jerusalem and around the world.The city of Jerusalem is considered sacred in Christianity, Judaism AND Islam.


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