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Italy Considers Menstrual Leave

For the women out there, how many of you experience excruciating pain when on your period? Does it affect your work life?


Italy has taken note of these concerns, and now it may be the first Western country to offer paid leave to women during their periods. If passed, the law would require establishments to allow women three days of paid leave if they’re showing symptoms of pain that interfere with their ability to work.


There have been two different responses to this potential law.


Health professionals say that it would raise awareness of the pain that comes with menstrual cramps. The Italian Marie Claire magazine said it was “a standard-bearer of progress and social sustainability.”


However, Lorenza Pleuteri of Donna Moderna wrote that if the law passed, it could cause establishments to be wary of hiring women if that meant giving them paid leave. Miriam Goi, a feminist writer for Vice Italy, wrote that she feared women would be seen as more “emotional” and require “special treatment”.


On March 13th, 2017, the bill was presented to the Italian Parliament. Currently, there is a menstrual law in Japan, South Korea, and some parts of China.

What do you think about this bill?


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