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Lyft Partners with NAD


The car service, Lyft, is teaming up with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), to improve the experience for Deaf and Hard of Hearing drivers.


Lyft and NAD are working together to improve the company’s app, make the Deaf community aware of job opportunities, and improve accessibility for Deaf Drivers. We contacted Howard Rosenblum from NAD to explain more about this great collaboration.


Howard Rosenblum

Lyft's idea to improve accessibility for Deaf drivers is to install flashing lights on the same device to notify Deaf drivers which would help become aware that there is a new ride and they can simply click on it to accept the new ride which is great.


Today, when a Lyft driver is informed there is someone waiting for a ride, a phone will beep. Because this isn’t friendly for Deaf and Hard of Hearing drivers, NAD suggested utilizing an Amp in-car communication tool, which communicates with drivers visually. We reached out to a Lyft deaf driver, Fadi Haddad to learn about his experience with Lyft.


Fadi Haddad:

In the past, I did contact Lyft because before there was no accessibility for deaf drivers to have notifications. So, I contacted Lyft and asked them to please add text message, because there was no texting option. Drivers were not able to send texts, but only call the riders. I informed them to please add text, and they actually listened and said, “Okay we will send this to the technical department and they will figure out a way to add this feature for Deaf accessibility.” So after that, I found out they were in touch with NAD.


I think it’s great NAD teamed up with Lyft because I think there will be more accessibility for all Deaf with Lyft.



Why is this so important to the Deaf community? Howard from NAD will explain why.


Howard Rosenblum   

This is so important to the deaf community because not many companies will hire deaf employees. So, we recognize those companies who are willing to hire such as Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing companies as well other companies too. Those companies are willing to accommodate to deaf’s needs, hire them, and improve accessibility. We recognize those companies and want to thank them. I encourage the deaf community to look into those companies and contact them and seek employment.



NAD has previously worked with Uber to improve accessibility issues as well, which will ultimately lead to more employment opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Thank you to those companies for giving more access and employment for the Deaf community!


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