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Millennials Want a 3rd Political Party

Do you dislike both Democrats and Republicans? Many others feel the same way.


A poll called NBC News/GenForward was conducted between October 26th and November 10th. It showed that 71% of millennials think there should be a 3rd major party.


What about the Green Party led by Jill Stein?  Or the Libertarian Party led by Gary Johnson? They were on several ballots of the 2016 presidential election. Obviously, they did not win, but many of the votes are considered “protest votes”. Protest voters are those who were not satisfied with the nominees of both major political parties.


Most of those polled say that they are not satisfied with how the Republican and Democratic parties represent America. 65% of them say that the country is headed in the wrong direction. There were 1,876 who responded between the ages of 18 to 34. Those who were polled varied in race, gender and partisanship.


The millennials who agree with this are mostly male. About 75% who agreed are registered Independents or Democrats. 67% of the registered Republicans thought the same.


What about the Deaf community’s perspective on this? Do you think there should be a 3rd major political party with an entirely new set of beliefs and principles? How about one that is heavily involved with interacting with the Deaf community?


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