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More Concerns with Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey continues to bring devastation, looting and robbery has become an issue with homeowners in the path of the storm.


Some citizens in the area have impersonated Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents or police officers and offered help to those in need. Then once they see an opportunity, they will take advantage of the situation and rob a house of its valuables.


ICE officials have said they will NOT threaten anyone with deportation while people are looking to shelter themselves from Harvey. It is recommended that if someone presents themselves as an authority figure, to request their identification. Should anyone get detained for their immigration status, the mayor of Houston said he would “defend them” himself.


In hopes to help solve this problem, the mayor has declared a nightly curfew for the residents between 10pm and 5am. People are encouraged to stay off the streets during those hours unless absolutely necessary. A number of looters have already been arrested so far and a mandatory jail time will be pursued according to local authorities.


Stay safe!



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