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New Theory Regarding Anne Frank

After further research by the Anne Frank House, there is a new theory as to what took place on August 4th, 1944. For over 70 years we have assumed an anonymous caller tipped off the police, allowing them to raid the annex of the Amsterdam building where Anne Frank and 7 other people were hiding.

In April of 1944, Anne Frank referred to two salesmen who were working illegally in the building with ration coupons. The two men worked with raw materials for the food company. She wrote in her diary that the salesmen had been caught, so they were no longer able to obtain coupons. Based on this diary entry, it leaves room for the possibility that these salesmen brought the attention of the police to their building.

Of the 8 people in the annex, the only person to survive was Anne’s father, Otto. In 1945, he expressed his belief that they were betrayed. The Anne Frank House is continuing to look into this matter. Their goal is to tell Anne Frank’s story as completely as possible.

Anne Frank’s diary was published after the war and is now a globally recognized symbol of Holocaust victims.


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