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No Wi-Fi With Your Coffee

We’ve all seen it. A family gathered around a restaurant table, each on their own cell phone or tablet. They say almost nothing to one another through the entire meal. It seems like a missed opportunity. Well, a growing number of coffee shops have decided not to offer Wi-Fi to their customers. They hope their customers will instead strike up a conversation amongst themselves.

Or, better yet, with complete strangers. But some say coffee shops and Wi-Fi go together like – well – coffee and cream. One expert said not offering Wi-Fi could be a fatal business decision.

He says people often use coffee shops like a satellite office. Eliminating it could eliminate a lot of customers too. But coffee shops that have removed Wi-Fi seem to be doing OK. One owner said his policy is successful because he hears the collective hum of his customers as they enjoy each other’s company over a cup of coffee.


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