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North Korea and Trump Posturing

On Wednesday, August 9th, President Trump threatened to destroy North Korea which made a lot of people nervous.


North Korea later responded by saying if they were attacked, they would target the 12,000 families of American military forces in Guam. Guam is a very small U.S. territory north of Papua New Guinea.


How did this confrontation start?


On Monday, August 7th, the United Nations Security Council, or the UNSC, which has 15 members, each from a different country, imposed the most expensive economic penalties yet. This made the leader of North Korea,  Kim Jong-un, very angry.


The economic sanctions include a penalty that could cost North Korea $1 billion a year. Keep in mind that the country is poor, so that is a lot of money for them.


The sanctions were imposed because North Korea conducted several missile tests that carry little nuclear bombs on them, despite President Trump’s warnings and urging from surrounding countries.


The problem is Kim Jong-un constantly refuses to give up his nuclear weapon program because it is critical to the country’s future.


President Trump, the master negotiator, may have met his match in Kim Jong-un, whose terms seem to be non negotiable.

President Trump keeps emphasizing that the United States has the most powerful military and weapons in the history of the world so it would be a bad idea to try something. Secretary of State
Rex Tillerson said the Americans should sleep well at night.


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