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Norway Unveils Deaf Themed Stamps

Norway Post, a Norwegian postal service, unveiled its two stamps from two different organizations to recognize and celebrate 100 years. Both organizations fought for many years to earn deaf and hard of hearing people the rights they deserve.


Hørselshemmedes Landsforbund, known as HFL, is the world’s largest organization for deaf and hard of hearing people, cochlear implant users, hearing aid users, and for those with Meniere’s Disease. Their stamps show speaking bubbles, but notice in the bubbles, there are no words. All of them are a blank.


The second stamp is from Norges Døveforbund, which was founded in 1918 as theNorwegian Association of the Deaf. It’s an organization that primarily uses sign language. Their stamp shows an “I Love You” sign.


The stamps will be available for the entire year of 2018. How cool is this? What do you think of the stamps?


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