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Olympic Winners Disqualified For Drugs

Olympics history as we know it is making a major change.


Word got out that there were athletes who took part in a doping program in Russia. Numerous banned substances had been taken in order to increase performance. Since then, officials have been re-testing urine samples from athletes who participated in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics in Beijing and London.


Over 75 athletes, most of them from Russia or other eastern European countries, were found guilty of doping violations. At least 40 of them won medals, and they are now being stripped of those titles. 28 have been penalized. Nearly ⅓ of the Russian Olympic team was banned  from the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and those numbers are expected to continue to rise.


As a result, athletes from 8 years ago are now receiving medals they didn’t win at the time of the games.


Gian-Franco Kasper, executive board member of the International Olympic Committee, said that these results end with their credibility at risk.


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