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Pit Bulls kill Owner

In Virginia, police officers were called to a nearby forest. It was there they discovered a body in the woods, identified as 22-year old Bethany Lynn Stephens. The person who called the police was Bethany’s father. At first, the police couldn’t reach the body because she was being defended by her two large brown pit bulls named Tonka and Pac Man. Animal control was called to take the dogs, and they have now have been euthanized.


Many people were upset because they didn’t believe the dogs killed their owner. However, the police released details that Bethany was fighting the dogs when she died. When the body was discovered, the dogs were eating her rib cage. The bite marks on her body matched the dogs so  it was determined that they were the cause of her death, not another animal. Following the investigation, it was also discovered that before this incident, the dogs were living with Bethany’s father. She raised those dogs before giving them to him. The father allegedly kept the dogs outside in a kennel with very limited human interaction.


Nobody truly knows what happened. Some have called for a more extensive investigation to find the truth. If those dogs attacked their owner, what caused them to snap? Were the dogs neglected or abused? Often, dogs who were subject to something like this can act out to defend themselves.


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