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Plastic Island: The World’s Dumping Ground

Midway Atoll, an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is becoming a wasteland of trash, plastic, and debris. Researchers believe that the garbage that has washed onto the shores of Midway Atoll comes from China and the United States, both being several thousands of miles away.

According the the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “more than five trillion pieces of plastic” exist within the depths of our earths oceans, and “by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish, by weight.”

It is hard to get to the Midway Atoll. You must fly there and obtain permission from the US government. The smell of rotting birds, trash, and decay wafts along the seashore. Birds mistake plastic for food and eventually die because of malnutrition and ingesting toxic material.

The reef near the island is being destroyed as well. Plastic bottles, and a frothy film float on the surface of the ocean serving as a grim reminder of our earth’s future.

So, how can we help protect our world? Well, we can all make a difference by simply changing little habits we have developed over the years. For instance, instead of taking plastic water bottles to work or school everyday, try bringing reusable bottles. Make sure to always recycle, and do your best to use less plastic.

The earth is the only home we have. If we all help to make a difference, we can make it a better place for everyone who resides here, both big and small.


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