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Poachers Kill White Rhino at Zoo

A 4-year-old, southern white rhino, named Vince was killed on Monday, March 6, at Thoiry Zoo, located about 40 miles west of Paris, France. Poachers broke into Vince’s cage, shot him, and sawed off his horn before fleeing the scene.

According to Thierry Duguet, the director of the zoo, Vince was shot three times in the head. It is believed that the poachers used a chainsaw to remove the animals large horn while his second horn was only partially cut.

Gracie, a 37-year-old white rhino, and Bruno, a 5-year-old white rhino, both lived with Vince.  They were left unharmed. According to a statement released by Thoiry Zoo, Vince was found early in morning by his caretaker.

While the sale of rhino horns is illegal, demand for them is high. According to the zoo, on the black market, a kilogram of rhino horn can be sold for $54,000.

Authorities are searching for the poachers who committed this crime.


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