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Pokemon Go Plus Has Arrived

After a long wait, the Pokemon Go Plus has finally arrived.


The Pokemon Go Plus is a Bluetooth-enabled piece of technology that the user would attach to their belt, pocket, or strap. It also comes with a lanyard bracelet that the device can be attached to.


The purpose of Pokemon Go Plus is to be able to play the game without having to keep the game on at all times. Once you connect the device to your phone, it will tell you when you are near a Pokemon or Pokestop. The lights are different colors so you’ll be able to know which is which. A Pokestop will be blue. Pokemon you’ve run into before will be green and new Pokemon will be yellow. Once you press the button, the device will either obtain the items from the Pokestop or try to catch the Pokemon. If the Pokemon is not caught, the light will turn red.


If you’re interested in the Pokemon Go Plus, you can buy it from stores like Gamestop for $35.



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