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Post Fight Interview with Aubree Thompson Silent Assassin

Melissa: What was going through your head the moment you won on Saturday night?

Aubree: I had so many thoughts going through my head, just, everything. I was thinking, I can’t believe I won, it felt good, like...I was just amazed. I mean, I lost my last fight so I was scared to lose again but in my mind I was just thinking I did it, I did it! I won!

Melissa: What do you think helped you win this time around?

Aubree: I was a lot more focused for this fight. I was determined to do whatever it was gonna take. I was mindful of my breathing and I was thinking about how I was there from Utah and well, and I was just thinking I need to do this. I need to go for the total knock out (TKO). I had to go for it and be optimistic. I just kept repeating all of this in my head, saying “breathe, breathe” as I was walking towards it. “Go for the TKO.” “For my fight.” All that. “This is my night.” And here we are.

Melissa: Right, I mean yeah it WAS your night!

Aubree: Yeah it was.

Melissa: Yeah, so your fans were really pumped to see you fight, on your page,

Aubree: Oh yeah, so many people watching!

Melissa: Some people came all the way down to watch! That’s so great. How important is it to you to have the Deaf community coming out to support you?

Aubree: It’s very important to me, because I like having Deaf people come and watch because it makes me feel like I’m not alone. I feel like there’s hearing people all over, but when the Deaf come, I feel good inside. Feeling more recognized, and Deaf people feeling like, “we can do it,” you know?

Melissa: Absolutely. So what’s next for you? What should your fans be looking out for next?

Aubree: My next fight will be next year in 2018. I don’t know when exactly, but one Deaf girl from Utah, I’ve known her forever and she’s a deaf MMA fighter too, and I did fight too, we both had 8 fights. So the two of us are in talks to match up one of these days. And I’m just like yeah let’s do it!! It’ll be fun!

Melissa: Yes! Deaf vs. Deaf! That would be cool!

Aubree: Yep!

Aubree: Again, I don’t have any exact details yet’s gonna happen.

Melissa: Looking forward to it. Anything else you want to add?

Aubree: I want to say to everyone who saw me on DTV News and came out to watch my fight, I wanted to say, THANK YOU. And to the entire Deaf community, you guys can watch the live video on my Facebook fan page. Thank you for all the support.


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