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Real Cost of Tougher Mexico Border

Since Donald Trump became president, the number of people without legal papers stopped at the border dropped 40 percent. The Trump administration says that is because of the government’s tough position on immigration, including Trump’s promise to build a border wall.

However, according to a Sunday New York Times article, making the border more difficult to cross has created a serious problem. Now bringing people and drugs across the border has become profitable for the drug traffickers.

According to a smuggler quoted in the article, making the border harder to cross increases the risk of being caught which only makes it more profitable for the traffickers. In 1984, a smuggler made 50 cents per person, but now the traffickers charge $5000 per person. Plus, a stronger border defense forces the traffickers to invent more elaborate ways to go over, under and through the border defenses.

There has been no decrease in the flow of illegal drugs being smuggled across the US-Mexico border since Trump became president.


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