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Real People: Artur Pinkasov

My name is Artur Pinkasov. I have CP (Cerebral Palsy) and I’m Deaf at the same time. I don’t know what others’ perception of me is so that’s one thing that’s been a struggle for me.


CP is Cerebral Palsy, it’s something related to the brain. But I don’t know what exactly that is, but I know that I have it!


My job here is IT specialist associate for uh, Quicken Loans.


I went to RIT for college and I studied to be in IT. And then I just love my job! I’ve always loved to help people with IT things. My coworkers who know some signs...some know, some don’t, so really it’s like very small, so it’s, it’s getting there.


Gina Summers:

My name is Gina, and this is my sign name. I’m um, a training consultant for Quicken Loans. I see other workers um, team members, saw Artur signing and all that, and they started signing to communicate.



The accommodations they provided are VRS, and interpreters too. And they are really happy to provide their services to me. If I need to go to any meetings that are required, then I just go to my team leader, and my team leader takes care of that.



My name is Georgie Petrov, and I’m a technical support team leader at Quicken Loans. We are now just, much more prepared for him to make sure we have all the tools and all the communication to make him successful. We’ve never worked uh, with any Deaf employees before, when we saw Artur applied for us we took it as a challenge. Artur, uh it’s been always a pleasure working with him, he’s an extremely hard working individual. Sometimes uh he just dives into the most difficult issues we have, and that’s our struggle to make sure he has everything to be successful, doing it. He definitely made us much better than we were before.



Seeing Artur here has, encouraged other people to want to learn more about Deaf culture and learn sign language. We have to have others see us socializing and interacting more and more so people become used to seeing sign language.



I’ve had like, hundreds of job interviews. And I hit one! I never gave up. I just kept going, and applying and just kept going until I found this one and it’s a perfect match for me, so. One of my favorite quotes says “don’t stop because you’re tired. Keep going, because you’re almost there.”


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