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Real People: PO Worker


We're always fascinated by stories of people in our community and nationwide who are hard workers. Maybe they own a business or work for a company. We had a chance to chat with a postal worker who is Deaf, check it out!



My name is Dennis Thompson.

I work for the Post Office. I’m a letter carrier, I deliver mail.

It’s not an easy job, it’s very tough.

Before the Post Office, I was a welder for 12 years.

It was good pay, but no benefits.

My Deaf friends told me that the Post Office was hiring deaf people.

6 Months later, I got a call for an interview and they told me I was staring tomorrow, that was quick! I got very lucky. So I went to work and I’ve been doing it for 22 years.

Nice people. Nice Customers. About a month ago, it was really hot. Some customers gave me water, ice cold water. We talk a little sometimes, but sometimes customers talk a lot and I have to let them know that I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but I have to go because the Post Office has a GPS tracker and the boss at the Post Office is watching on the computer, if I am taking too long he’ll wonder why and call me, or text me. I don’t want to get in trouble. So I let them know that we can talk for a few tomorrow. The customers understand, I feel bad. The customers are nice, I like it.


I know of 10 Deaf who work in Pontiac, Michigan. But I’m the only one letter carrier, I asked them why don’t you want to become a letter carrier? They make more money than working inside. They said they didn’t want to work outside, and have to deal with the rain and cold weather, working at the Post Office isn’t easy, it’s very stressful.


I have to be brave. If dogs are barking you have to ignore them. But, sometimes you have to watch them, if they’re a problem, here, let me show you. If the dog is there, you have to put your bag in front and has them tussle it. Or you can spray them.


I’ve had incidents with dogs about 4 times. One bit me on the leg, I didn’t see it as the dog approached me from behind, I’m Deaf, he bit me in the leg and I kicked it off. A lady ran towards me and said she was sorry. My leg was bleeding really bad. She said I’m sorry, I told her I was sorry too, I would see her in court. I went back to the post office and showed them my leg. They called the police and filed a report, took pictures, and everything, then I went to the doctors and got it cleaned up and had stitches put on. Then I went home for one day, then the next day I went back to work limping with a black and purple leg, haha!



It's really cool to see a Post Office worker who is Deaf! Do you work for a company or own your own business and want to share your story? Contact!



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