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Real People: Santa Claus

My name is Santa. Of course, I’m Deaf Santa. I’m from North Pole.


I love my job.


My favorite part of the job is seeing all the kids smiling. They’ll say, “Wow, Santa knows how to sign!”


Child: What I want for Christmas is a bicycle.


Santa: A bicycle, ok!


What toy do you want?


Child: A telescope!


Santa: A telescope?


Child: Yes


Santa: You want to see the moon, right?


Child: I’d like to have a make up toy.


Santa: A make-up toy?


Santa: I’ve lost count of how many elves I have. I’ve lost count. Some of my elves make toys, some of them are here to help me communicate with the hearing people, and some take photos for me. I have many many elves. One of my elves made me these flashing bells right here. So deaf people can see the alarm.


My favorite reindeer is Rudolph. Many many people forget about Rudolph, but I have 9 reindeer. Some people think I have 8, but I have 9. It’s tough to remember because he showed up later than the others.


When Santa needs to fly through foggy weather, Rudolph will help out, by glowing his bright red nose.


Christmas is my short vacation, that’s all I have. Then I go back to North Pole to make more toys with the elves for the whole year. We make toys for every child in the world.

I like your shirt!


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