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Repairs ruin Great Wall

Repairs made to the Great Wall of China have many people saying the work ruined rather than repaired or restored a section of the ancient landmark. A smooth, flat cement path now covers the brick structure that was built 700 years ago.

Pictures taken before the work was done show a crumbling path littered with bricks that had fallen out of a high wall that spanned one side of the path. Now, in photographs taken since the work was done, the wall looks more like a 21st century rural bike path than an ancient landmark. The high brick wall is completely gone.

Images of the botched project first surfaced last week although the work was done in 2014. The repaired stretch of the wall is in Northeast China. It spans the border between Liaoning and Hebei provinces. It is considered a wild section of the wall and hasn’t been open to the public like some sections of the 700 mile long wall.

The bad repair job has caused many Chinese citizens and officials to call for the creation of policies that address proper care and restoration of the country’s historic landmarks.


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