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Self-Driving Ride Service

The company Waymo is currently working on starting a ride-hailing service. The unique thing about this service, is there will be nobody behind the wheel.


That's right! The company has already been testing their self-driving cars in Arizona. To be safe, they have people in the cars during test drives so they can take over if something goes wrong.


Now, they're ready to include the public. People around the area of Phoenix, Arizona will be able to test the service in a Fiat Chrysler Pacifica minivan. Passengers will be accompanied by a Waymo employee. Developers still aren't sure how the cars will perform in snow or heavy rain, which is why they're conducting tests in Arizona, a state known for its dry, predictable weather.


Once the service is launched, the car will fully drive itself, however users will be able to hit a button to stop the car if needed. The exact date of release still hasn't been announced, so stay tuned!   What do you think? Would you try this, without a driver!?


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