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Stocks to Buy in 2017

Are you interested in putting some of your money into stocks? Well, here are some of the hottest stocks to buy in 2017.


The stock market is at a record high. Currently, Dow is nearly at a level of 20,000, making it the second largest market ever.


The most popular stocks to buy are in healthcare, technology companies, and a variety of service providers. Delta Airlines stock will go to $56, because both leisure and business travel are continuing to pick up and be in high demand.


Envision Healthcare will go to $87 a share, because the company is coming off a merger with AmSurg. Michael Wiederhorn, from the Oppenheimer investment firm, says the company is expected to be “a dominant player in hospital care, especially for services that don't require an overnight stay.” They are a company to look out for.


Other companies to invest in include: Broadcom Limited, and State Street Corporation.


Broadcom works with wireless technology, and will go to $225 a share. The company continues to beat expectations and trim costs. Financial company, State Street Corporation, is also trimming costs, and is another to buy into.

Do you know which stocks you want to put your money into?


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