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Story with Maiya: 700-Year-Old Cave

Welcome to a special segment of DTV News! We noticed a young girl named Maiyalene Utley who had a video on Facebook stating she wanted to be a DTV News reporter! So we got together and I mentored her. Now, Maiya has a special story to share with you all. 
Maiya: 10 years ago.
Josh: In England.
Maiya: In England.
Josh: Boom!
Maiya: Will it be filmed here?
Melissa: Nope, it’ll be filmed in the other room over there. This is your studio!
Jules: You know where the record button is?
One day, 10 years ago in the United Kingdom, a man named Angelo was stuck in a downpour. It rained and rained and rained. Angelo had to find a way to hide from the rain, and that’s when he found a cave in the middle of a forest. He hid inside until the rain stopped. Some time later, he became very sick. It caused him to be paralyzed. Instead of being sad, he decided he wanted to figure out how to stay healthy and happy! He remembered how much he loved that cave, so he decided to buy it and make a house inside. He worked hard for over 1,000 hours! And now, after all his hard work, he likes to hang out in his cool new cave, with furniture and a fireplace and everything. Soon, he wants to live there full-time! Would you ever live in a cave?!
Melissa: Wow, great job, Maiya!


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