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Teacher Saves Kids From Molesters

On July 31st, a female preschool teacher was on a flight from Seattle, WA to San Jose, CA. She sat behind a man who was texting about molesting young children.


Michael Kellar, a 56-year-old man from Tacoma, used a big smartphone with large text that made it easier for the woman to read. Several text messages read, “Child in their underwear,” and “Do you think you can knock them out enough with the Benadryl?” The woman was alarmed to catch some of the messages and reported it to the flight crew. The flight crew informed the police and Kellar was arrested after the plane landed.


Gail Lynn Burnworth, a babysitter Kellar was texting about the children, was arrested as well. Burnworth told the authorities that she and Kellar have had a sexual relationship that involves fetish behaviors. Burnworth admitted to the police that she has a history of producing child pornography. She made twenty videos with minors involved and sent them to Kellar.


Police officers found two children, ages 5 and 7, who were sexual abuse victims. There was a third minor living with Burnworth, but they are now safe. Officers believe federal charges are highly likely. The anonymous teacher who reported Kellar is being praised for her heroic acts of saving those children.


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