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Tech Industry Lacks Female Leaders

Did you know that tech companies have less than 20% of women working for them?


Women are trying to break into the tech industry, but are often overlooked. And that’s not the only problem women face when trying to earn one of these positions. For instance, 60% of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. This issue has led to many women resigning. Over 30% of technology businesses do not have women on their boards. However, these numbers have been improving over the past few years. But even so, 90% of women are earning lower pay compared to their male co-workers.


TheBoardlist is a website where companies can find female candidates to fill their board positions. For women who are interested, this would widen opportunities to snag one of these jobs and increase the number of female role models in the tech industry.


Women are currently fighting for inclusion and diversity in the tech industry. Alicia Navarro, the CEO of Skimlinks, suggested that men should think differently. She stated, “I think all humans should strive to create opportunities that allow us to exercise our strengths, and to be self-aware and realistic of our own weaknesses or inabilities, and finding ways of working with others who balance those weaknesses, so together we can succeed."

Women are currently fighting to close the gender gap to achieve equality in the workplace.


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