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Teen Wakes from Coma Speaking Spanish

Reuben Nsemoh, a 16-year-old soccer player from Gwinnett County, Georgia, was accidentally kicked in the head during a soccer game by a player on the opposing team. Reuben was playing goalie at the time of his accident. After Reuben was kicked in the head, his body was in a state of shock and he fell into a coma for several days.

After Reuben woke up from his coma he began speaking Spanish fluently. Shortly after he woke up from his coma, every time Reuben tried to speak English he would have a seizure. While this may seem odd, it is actually quite common after serious trauma to the body.

According to Dr. Michel Paradis, a neurolinguistics teacher at McGill University in Montreal, this is “not that rare,” and that individuals can regain one language or both of them, and that the effects can be either temporary or permanent.

There is a fundraiser online to help with Reuben’s medical expenses.


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