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Terror Attack in NYC

In Manhattan, New York, there are lanes reserved for people who wish to travel on bicycles. Last night, a man drove a pickup truck rented from Home Depot into crowds of people on a bicycle path. 8 people have died so far and at least 11 others are injured. The truck stopped when it crashed into a small school bus which injured two adults and two children.


The truck driver then stepped out of the truck waving handguns shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, which means ‘God is Great’ in Arabic. Police shot him in the stomach and then restrained him. He was transported to a hospital for surgery and is expected to survive. He will be questioned by law enforcement when he is healthy enough. The guns were actually found to be pellet (or BB) gun and a paintball gun that looked very similar to real firearms. There was also a note found in the truck. It was written in English and stated he was pledging allegiance to ISIS.


The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is leading the investigation into this attack. We will share more information as this story develops.


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