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The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, known as “AI,”  is slowly becoming more human-like, and involved in our everyday lives. But, what’s in store for the future?


In 2016, tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft launched a variety of products and services powered by artificial intelligence. Next year will be all about the business world embracing AI.


This year, AI was one of the hottest trends, and it's only poised to get bigger. You may have seen AI without even knowing!


AI screens out spam, organizes your digital photos, and transcribes your spoken text messages.


Online retailer, Amazon, is testing AI to see if it works in the supermarket. The company is testing a system without cash registers or lines, where consumers simply grab their products and go, and have a bill tallied by artificial intelligence. Isn’t that wild?


Other devices such as: virtual reality, lifelike robots that help around the house, and various medical equipment are grasping onto AI, using it more and more.


In 2017, AI will spread beyond digital gadgets  to mainstream businesses and more!

Have you seen AI used in your everyday life?


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