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The Simpsons After 600 Episodes

In December 1989, the first Simpsons episode made its debut on television. The show now has 600 episodes and it’s as strong as ever.


The Simpsons is a show about a family consisting of a man, woman, and three kids. The show is meant to be crude and have an adult sense of humor.


After so many years, the Simpsons has become worth $4 billion. Amusement park rides have been created based on the characters. Many brands have wanted to collaborate with the characters and many of those brands have been turned down. It’s a show so popular that many people around the world are very familiar with the Simpsons family.


The Simpsons currently has 28 seasons. It takes about six months and 500 people for an episode to be created. The voice cast is under contract to stay until at least season 30. If the cast is interested, the writers have no problems continuing the family’s stories.



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