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The US is “Locked and Loaded”

As tensions between the United States and North Korea hit an all time high, China is stepping in to warn their neighbor and strategic ally, North Korea, that they will stand alone if they initiate conflict with the United States. China also stated that if The United States initiated the conflict “China will prevent them from doing so.”

There are three significant reasons why China is concerned. First, North Korea’s geographic position is important to China because it acts as a buffer between China, South Korea, and Japan. Next, North Korea shows the same political philosophy as China and acts as a trading partner. Finally, if war breaks out in the Korean Peninsula, China would likely be flooded with millions of refugees which could negatively affect China’s economic and political climate.

Earlier this week, North Korea threatened to fire missiles near Guam, a pacific island home to US military bases. On Friday morning, August 11, President Trump announced over Twitter that the United States military is “locked and loaded” if North Korea decides to act on their threats.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula has the world on edge, as the possibility of a nuclear conflict is increased every day both by rhetoric and actions.



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