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These Sunglasses Can Rival a Smartphone

We all carry our smartphones in our hands… but what about a smart device you can see out of? Vuzix, a leading developer of smart glasses, has created just that, and it is called Blade 3000.

Blade 3000 is a prototype of smart sunglasses with artificial intelligence and augmented reality software encased in a stylish, lightweight frame.


Once the glasses are put on, the wearer has the ability to experience interaction with both video and digital content displayed through projected 3D holograms. Pretty cool, right?

Head motion trackers, noise canceling mics, and speech recognition are a few of the perks that come with the glasses. A viewer can control the glasses through gesture control on a touchpad built into the side of the frames.

Do you think these new glasses could help people at their job, or do you think they may be too invasive?

Would you want to try them out?


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