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Time’s Person of the Year

Time magazine just announced their 2017’s Person of the Year.  “The Silence Breakers,” the women and men who came forward about sexual harassment and abuse that launched a movement, were chosen. Time stated that they wanted to “honor the women and men who have broken their silence span all races, all income classes, all occupations, and virtually all corners of the globe.”


People on the cover include Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, and “Isabel Pascual”, plus one unseen person that represents the unnamed men and women that came forward. Judd was one of the first women that came forward about being sexually harassed by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October. Taylor Swift called out her harasser David Mueller, who groped her while taking a picture. She won the lawsuit. Susan Fowler spoke out about the culture of sexual harassment at Uber. Iwu exposed the sexual misconduct in California politics. Isabel “Pascual” is an anonymous name for a female farmworker in Mexico who was harassed and marched with 700,000 other female farmworkers against sexual harassment. This started the #MeToo  movement, where women and men started sharing stories about sexual harassment and abuse. on their social media pages.


People on social media praised Time’s decision and shared comments on their social media pages such as “Know that you’re heard, loved, and seen.” The runner-up was last year’s winner, President Donald Trump, who was accused by many women. Congratulations to “The Silence Breakers.”


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