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Town With More Dead People Than Living

Colma, California, also known as the Town of the Dead, is a small town that consists of more people who are dead than people who are alive.


As of 2009, 1,431 people are alive. 1.5 million people are dead. The dead take up 17 cemeteries that are in the town. Pat Hatfield,  a retired cemetery tour guide, said that citizens don’t think of them as cemeteries, but as parks.


All of those that are dead were residents of San Francisco, but in the mid-1990s, the city demanded that all the bodies were removed and placed in Colma. This resulted in most of the town’s residents working as flower growers, gravediggers, and monument makers.


It wasn’t until the 1980s when people began to make their own living beside the dead. Now, Colma also contains modern businesses such as car dealerships and shopping centers.


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