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TripAdvisor No Longer Sell Tickets to Live Animals

TripAdvisor is enacting a new policy for people who are traveling to destinations where they can interact with wild animals. Swimming with dolphins, petting tigers, and riding elephants will not be possible with TripAdvisor’s “no touching of wild animals” policy when it is enforced, making it clear that the sale of tickets to places where people can interact with wild, endangered, or captive animals will be discontinued. Many animal welfare and conservationists are encouraging this decision.

Stephanie Shaw, with PETA, stated “We applaud TripAdvisor taking this stance, helping to raise awareness. Elephant training, for example is brutal and cruel.”

According to Richard Rees, the Director of Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme, a lot of harmful actions take place when people are put into contact with wild animals. Rees cites that “touching, riding and flash photography” have occurred and is destructive to the animals and their well-being.

While TripAdvisor is one of the world’s largest travel sites, businesses may be affected by this decision.


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