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Trump Honors Native Americans

Yesterday, at the White House, President Trump honored Native American war heroes from World War I and II. They used their Navajo language with the military which was very hard to decipher by the Germans. This helped the US win the war.


Trump called the men “special people” who love their country. After that, he gave a short speech about the history of native people in America. He brought up that there was a representative in Congress called “Pocahontas” who has been around for “a long time”. This was intended as an insult to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. It’s the first time in a while that Trump has called Warren that term.


The Navajo who were honored explained their view on the matter. They explained that Pocahontas is a famous hero from the 1600s. She was the daughter of a chief of a tribe in Virginia. They would like the President to not use her name as an insult again. Nevertheless, the Navajo appreciated the honor and recognition for their services.


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