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Trump proposes cutting legal immigration by half

On Wednesday, August 2nd, President Trump announced he is backing legislation that would cut the current number of immigrants legally permitted into the U.S. by 50% within the next decade.


The system President Trump is proposing is called a merit based application process where the applicants will be evaluated based on how much they can contribute to the U.S. economy.

This system is similar to the one Canada has now.

This is the biggest legal immigration reform in many years.


Immigrants will earn points based on how much money they make, how old they are and how fluent their English is. The higher the number of points they earn, the better chance they have at becoming a legal U.S. resident.


The bill is called ‘Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act’ or the RAISE Act, for short. This bill is sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia and includes details that set a criteria in which immigrants must pass in order to receive a green card.


Many Republicans support and criticize the plan.

This move is in line with Trump’s “America First” rhetoric he has campaigned for the last few years.


More than one million people are granted legal residency each year. The proposal would reduce this by 41% in its first year and 50% by its 10th year.


The point of this bill is to provide American citizens with more employment opportunities that immigrants held.


The problem, critics say, is that the U.S. economy depends on a lot of immigrants working at minimum wage or less. This helps to keep costs low for customers.


Also, critics say it’s unfair to many immigrants who are poor and don’t have homes anymore because their country became uninhabitable.


What do you think?


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