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Trump’s Deal Surprises Republicans

For some time now, there has been contention within the White House administration regarding approaches to various issues, including approving funding for repair and rescue efforts for Harvey victims and raising the debt ceiling.


In a meeting with his Treasury secretary among Republicans and Democrats, all of whom were discussing proposals, Trump decided he heard enough and shocked his own party by siding with Democrats. The proposal was made by the Senate and House Democratic leaders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.


Democrats were asking for a three month plan, while Republicans were asking for a longer debt ceiling extension in order to avoid having people vote on this issue during the 2018 congressional elections. It’s possible you will be asked about this on your ballots next year.


By agreeing to this deal, Congress will have to renegotiate the government spending bill by December 15th, but this allows them to quickly approve funding for Harvey victims totaling about $15 billion. Keep in mind that the total estimated damage from Harvey is predicted to be over $45 billion. Hurricane Harvey is not the only focus for Congress. Others include Hurricane Irma and debating DACA and Obamacare Reform among others. We will be sure to keep you updated on these important issues.



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