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Update on Flint Water Crisis

It’s been about three and a half years since the city of Flint, Michigan first began their struggle with their water. That struggle continues to this day for many people who still can’t use their tap water until the infrastructure tainted with lead is repaired. The city and state have been working on choosing their water source for long term, but there are some disagreements.


In April 2017, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver signed a 30-year lease with Great Lakes Water Authority, which is currently and temporarily providing water. The city council doesn’t like her choice and has refused to support her decision. This prompted the state government to sue the city council to force them into accepting the agreement. A federal judge then ordered the city council to make a decision by Monday, October 23rd. The city council did not meet that deadline.


Just before the deadline, they filed a countersuit saying they did not have enough time to make a carefully considered decision on the three options they currently have. They were awarded one more day to make the decision by the end of the day Tuesday. Residents of Flint are anxious to learn of the long term solution for their water source. As for repairs of the infrastructure, the state says they will need over ten million dollars and at least three years to complete.


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