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Hurricane Irma

I’m Rosina Switras. Today is Wednesday, September 6th and here are your top stories. Last night, Category 5 hurricane, Irma, passed over small islands in the Caribbean. This evening, Irma will reach Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and will continue to the Dominican Republic tomorrow. Winds have reached 185mph and it is now the strongest hurricane to ever come from the Atlantic Ocean. It will eventually weaken as it goes through the Caribbean. Irma is strong enough to uproot trees and destroy buildings. Thousands of people in the Caribbean have been evacuated so far, but there are some people taking shelter and waiting for the storm to end. In some areas, it’s too dangerous to take that risk. It’s still too early to predict exactly where the hurricane will hit the U.S., but it appears more and more likely the state of Florida will be in its path. The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, already declared a state of emergency and sent the National Guard ahead of time. Both governors are urging all of the residents to be prepared as the hurricane is likely to envelop entire states. Residents should not stay in their homes if there is a local mandatory evacuation notice. We hope everyone in the Caribbean stays safe for the next several days.


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