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Weather Hits Dangerous Lows

Hello, I am Christian and I am here in Detroit, Michigan. Why are my eyes squinting so badly? It is very bright right now. There is a lot of snow and ice here. Now the sun’s rays are reflecting off the snow making it very bright. My poor eyes.

There is a lot of snow around the northeastern and central United States. One city probably had it the worst: Erie, Pennsylvania.

On Christmas Day, there was 34 inches of snow. That’s taller than me! The next day. There was an additional 26 inches. That is a total of 60 inches, at least! It still has not stopped snowing. Many people are hard at work trying to shovel out all that snow. The snow keeps accumulating.

Why is there so much snow and ice? Up in the north pole, there is what is called a polar vortex. It is where the very cold air stays.

Occasionally, the vortex will expand, covering more area. It makes those areas very cold, colder than normal.

It is affecting the central and northeastern United States.

Some people might be excited about this. They can make snow angels. or snowmen where you add a hat, a nose and a pair of eyes.

However, it can be dangerous because of the cold. There are two dangers to watch for.

Frostbite. Do you know what that is?

See my hands? They’re a bit red. That is frostbite. It is not that serious right now. It would be worse if my hands become dry, white and with blisters. That could become a serious problem.

The worst of frostbite is when your hands, or skin, become numb. Maybe you would feel a little warmth on your skin. You might think it is not serious, but it really is.

If you are outside while it is really cold for too long…after you go back inside to warm up…your skin could become black. This is because the skin is dying.

That can happen if you are outside playing or walking for too long. It could take about 30 minutes.

The second thing that is dangerous in this cold is hypothermia. Your body temperature is usually at around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Hypothermia occurs when your body temperature falls to 95 degree or below. That is very dangerous.

It would cause health problems like feeling weak, feeling dizzy or not being able to breathe. If you feel these symptoms, you should go back inside immediately, either in your house or a nearby building. Try to get warm.

A word of warning, you can play all you want, just remember to put on your coat, gloves, hat and scarf!


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