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Websites Protest for Net Neutrality

Today, Wednesday, July 12th, over 80,000 websites are taking part in an online protest against the FCC's plan to eliminate net neutrality rules. The protest is called the "Day of Action." Websites will display a message encouraging users to send a letter to the FCC for net neutrality.


Participants include Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Airbnb and Spotify.


So what is net neutrality? In 2015, the Obama administration put rules in place requiring internet service providers (ISP's) to treat all internet content equally. This means they were prohibited from blocking content and speeding up or slowing down data from certain websites.


Back in May, President Trump appointed Ajit Pai to head the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Pai voted to reverse the rules put in place under Obama. The FCC believes it will boost investments in new technology by removing regulations from ISP's.


The FCC will be collecting public comments until Monday, July 17th.



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