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What Veditz is all about


There is a new company called Veditz. We wanted to learn more about who they were, and what they did, so we reached out to the co-founder of Veditz, Arlene Garcia Gunderson to explain how this company can benefit all of us.



This is a new concept, approach and way for the Deaf community, the ASL community and for people who want to learn Sign Language from a different country to come together.


Veditz provides a marketplace for people to find experts in our own community. No longer are we limited to our local areas. We now have access to the International Community.


Our platform provides a tool for you to automatically find and search with filters.


For example, suppose you are a parent of a deaf child and want to reach out to other parents with deaf children, you can now find them with the filter tool to see all of the parents with deaf children.


Another example, maybe you prefer an interpreter who is a Coda. You can select the filter for Coda Interpreters and will see a list of all the Coda Interpreters on Veditz.


Tutors listed on Veditz will also have a rating system based on different students and learners experience with the tutor.  


It’s really great to see people get connected on Veditz within seconds and seeing and knowing how important Veditz is. We’re working hard to provide a big impact for our Deaf community and for learners of Sign Language.



Wow, it is amazing to see the list of features available from Veditz. I’m curious, who would be able to benefit from this company ?



Veditz will be able to offer options for parents,

family members, relatives, care takers,

students and learners from K-12 and college,

Deaf or hearing people, professionals,

K-12 teachers, higher education professors,

managers, interpreters, lawyers, pastors,

public service workers, private apprenticeship workers, and people in the medical field.


Rosina: It seems like almost everyone would be able to utilize this service. What was the reason behind establishing this company?



For deaf people all over the world, the numbers are tragic.


25% of hearing parents with deaf children use proper sign language to communicate. That’s only 1 in 4!


An estimate of 300-500 million immediate family members and relatives do not have access to communicate in Sign Language. How are people able to help communicate and socialize with deaf children in their families?


Within the deaf student population, only 2% have access to education in their native sign language. How are they supposed to learn, become successful in their lives, have a professional career or make a living?



Do you know which type of electronic devices are compatible with this app?



The unique feature of the Veditz app is that it is cross-platform with IOS and Android, and you can use it on any Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.



Thank you Arlene for explaining more about Veditz. This is a great tool for all types of populations, and very beneficial in reducing language deprivation that occurs around the world. If you want more information, download the app or check out!


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