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Why is Yawning so Contagious?

How many times have you yawned after seeing someone else do it? We’ve all learned that yawning is contagious, but does science agree with this conclusion? What is a yawn exactly? We take a big, deep breath with our mouths open wide. How can an individual action trigger other people to do the same?

Some scientists suggest that yawning helps with a few things in our bodies, such as cooling our brain down, helping us stay more alert, and even letting more oxygen flow through our bodies. Many times when groups of individuals yawn, it means that everyone is alert and paying attention.

Scientists also argue that when people yawn, they ultimately feel less tired.

On the other hand, yawning can also show how naturally empathetic you are. Have you ever noticed that when you see your partner, best friend, or family yawn, you’re more inclined to do so? This is because those are people you love.

Keep an eye out for who yawns and who does not. It can be very telling if you look close enough. And now I’m curious...did YOU yawn at all during this report?


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