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Woman Explores Every Country

How many countries have you traveled to? Maybe you’ve been to three, or ten...but what if you traveled to every country on Earth?


27-year-old, Cassie De Pecol, from Connecticut, is on her way to visit every country on Earth in the fastest time.


This Ambassador for Peaceful travels, calls her journey, “Expedition196,” in partnership with the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism, while collecting water samples around the world for research purposes.


In the past 15 months, she has seen 180 countries. In nearly 45 days, she hopes to have visited every single country. Cassie’s goal is to be the first person to travel to each and every country in the shortest time on record.


You may ask, how does she afford her worldly travels?!


In the past 15 months, De Pecol spent approximately $198,000, which includes airfare for 254 flights all over the world. Wow! She received funding for her travels by donations from sponsors. Sometimes, she is able to stay at eco-friendly hotels for free by advertising them in an Instagram post.


So far, De Pecol has four passports with stamps from around the world, and is awaiting Visas in New York City, to visit other countries soon.


To follow her journey and amazing photos, visit her Instagram account at expedition_196. (expedition underscore one ninety six).  


Go Cassie!


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