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Woman's Passion For Cooking Reaches Thousands

Ricarda Freydel, also known as Rica, is a Deaf woman living in New Jersey. She’s an entrepreneur with her own Etsy shop selling bath and body products as well as nail polish, but she has one true love in her life: cooking.



Hi, I’m Rica. I love cooking because it makes me very happy. It’s similar to art when you’re trying to figure out how to paint a picture. The same thing applies to cooking. The result is always a beautiful and delicious dish, right?


I enjoy trying different recipes, learning, tweaking, and trying to figure out how to improve the dish. Also, I love experiencing different cultures from around the world. There are different foods and cooking styles, which I truly enjoy.


Beside those, I really enjoy growing my own food in my garden because I spend so much time growing those food, and to use them for cooking is very rewarding. I grew that, I made that! For me, it’s very satisfying.


I cook everyday because that’s my way of putting my love and soul into it. I notice most of us enjoy home cooked meals, because it’s more personal. You realize you made that for me or I made that for you. I hope to encourage you all to cook more often.


Freydel began cooking regularly at the age of 13. She first started cooking as a whole when she was just a kid when she made mashed potatoes as her very first dish.


Freydel has a Facebook page dedicated to her love for cooking, but the page originally started as a gardening page. Freydel is a certified gardening master and that certification led her to create “The Signing Gardener,” so she could show others how to grow their own food. She eventually started sharing all the things she did around the home, most of it cooking, and that led her to change the name of her page to Rica’s Home.


Rica’s Home has accumulated over 8,000 likes. Freydel says that her Facebook page has generated lots of positive feedback as well as questions and recipe requests. Many viewers have told her that she has changed their lives by helping them cook their own homemade meals and improve their cooking skills.


Freydel has big plans for the future of Rica’s Home. She said she’s excited to get back into producing gardening videos when the weather is warmer. Eventually, she wants to try out other topics such as organization and crafts.


Freydel’s main goal is to help her viewers change their homes and their lifestyle. She wants people to avoid processed foods and focus on fresh ingredients. There’s something for everyone on her page, including those of you who are gluten-free or vegan.

Be sure to check out Rica’s Home on Facebook for more.


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