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World's Highest Bridge Opens in China

On Thursday, December 29th, a bridge in China suspended over a 1,854-foot gorge became the world's highest bridge. The bridge connects the Yunnan and Guizhou provinces in southwest China.


The “Beipanjiang Bridge” took three years to build, and cost more than $146.7 million dollars. The masterpiece is 4,396 feet long, with four-lanes, and is nearly two thousand feet over the Beipan River. It surpassed the 1,837-foot-tall Sidu River Bridge for its world record title.

The bridge is considered to be on the cheaper side. In 1933, the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco Bay cost $1.5 billion dollars, adjusting the pricing to modern day times. Also, in 2013, the brand new New Bay Bridge, on the other side of town, cost $6.7 billion dollars. Wow!


The new bridge is said to be extremely helpful, and will be widely used.


2017 is looking brighter for commuters between the two provinces. It will shorten the journey between the two areas by over three hours! How neat!



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