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Would You Survive Internet Free?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to lose internet for a day? While it would impact all of us, it may not be as detrimental as you think.


According to the Pew Research Centre, one fifth of all Americans say they use the internet almost constantly, and 73% say they use it at least everyday.


There are several factors that could lead to an outage such as cyberattacks, cutting the deep-sea cables that carry large volumes of internet traffic, or activating a kill switch - a device some countries have to instantly turn off internet access.


You may think internet loss would have a major impact on the economy, but history shows that’s not the case. The loss of internet mainly just sets people behind on their work.


Planes, trains, and cars would continue to operate, it would just create a challenge for logistics such as tracking the transportation.


Jeff Hancock is a professor at Stanford University who studies the psychological and social processes involved in online communication. According to him, the greatest challenge would be communication. It would cause anxiety for everyone to not be able to communicate with whoever they want to at any time.

So, if you lost internet for a day, how bad do you think it would affect you?


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